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6+1 facts about Samaria Gorge

Learn everything about Samaria gorge! A unique hike in the island of Crete. Book your adventure with our mountain leaders! … Read More

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Discover 5+1 Greek Lakes

We choose 5+1 lakes around Greece to explore! Stanning landscapes where you can come closer to Greek nature… … Read More

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Olympus 2917m

M.Olympus Q & A

Olympus is the most famous range in Greece.For its 2917m altitude thousands of visitors every year visit the mountain to admire the greatness and its impressive landscapes. Is it so easy to travel and hike alone to home of Gods? … Read More

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Snow hike in M.Parnassos

A truly amazing route just a step from Athens. Alpine landscape in mount Parnassos and a cozy hut-This tour has it all. … Read More

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Hiking south Crete

South Crete Hiking!

Trails of centuries. The Cretan way… … Read More

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Discover Gramvousa and Balos

Discover Gramvousa and Balos … Read More

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Hiking equipment

Hiking equipment … Read More

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