6+1 facts about Samaria Gorge

If you visit Crete then definitely is one of the hikes that you should do!Long enough but trully amazing lets check the trues or false about Samaria gorge, Cretes’ only national park!

Signs are in each km you walk!
Its just a gorge, nothing special- False

Many of you will think that hike Samaria gorge is just a walk in the nature but here are some facts you should know. Due to its long distance of 16th km as also the harsh terrain you better be prepared for a long day in nature. Prefer hiking boats or good pair of sneakers and avoid flip flops or sandals!

The gorge is opened all year round : False

The national park opens from middle of May until the middle of October. Some times it may be closed due to high danger of fire or due to high temperatures. So before you go try to be informed from the official site.https://www.samaria.gr/

The first part close to the northern entrance
There are facilities inside the park so I dont worry: False

Dont be waiting to find kiosks or restaurants with ice creams or souvlaki. There are not. On the way the only possible supplement is the natural water from the springs. So prepare your backpack with neccesary food and energy bars.

You will find springs all the way down to Agia Roumeli!
I will easily find way to get back in my hotel: False

Samaria host about 800- 1000 people each day . So if you dont choose a tour agent or a guide to arrange transpotation you might have to stay at Agia Roumeli village at the exit of the gorge or even worst once you arrive at the port of Sfakia not to find available buses take you back. Be sure that you hold a ticket of local bus lines.

The national park has rules I have to follow: True

Inside Samaria gorge you have to stay in path and do not follow your own way. There are forest rangers every 3 km but if you get lost away from the main path then the things may be difficult. The making of fire is not allowed as long as the swimming in the river. Try to avoid also shout or carry with you any speaker music.

Try to follow the path always!
It’s one of the island highlights!: True
Rocky slopes and wild vegetation all around!

Definitely if you love be in nature or hiking with friends the this walk is the maybe the best full day excursion around Crete. Starting from 1200m altitude you will have the chance to admire the biggest mountain range of Crete as also one of the last big forests of the island. The rocky slopes , the rare wild birdlife and the refreshing river aside as you walk are some of the things that you will remember for a long time!

The river gives a sense of dew!
Will I have the chance for swimming after the hike? True

Yes after a long hike inside the gorge at the exit of it is situated the village of Agia Roumeli. There, just a step from the sea, there are several tavernas and bars to be refreshed after take your bath inside the cool waters of the south coast.

Agia roumeli at the exit of the gorge

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