M.Olympus Q & A

Olympus 2917m

Olympus is the most famous range in Greece.For its 2917m altitude thousands of visitors every year visit the mountain to admire the greatness and its impressive landscapes. Is it so easy to travel and hike alone to home of Gods?

We make a list for you answering to some of the most common questions avery hiker need to know before decide to travel in Greek highest mountain.

Q: How to reach Olympus national park?

A: The most common ‘entrance’ to the area is from Litochoro village. It’s 2 hours away from Thessaloniki and  5 hours from capital Athens.You can use public buses OR railway from both big cities.

Q: Which is the best period to visit the mountain?

A: May – early June and middle October the mountain has less people moving around.Avoid if you can July – August especially if you wish to get on the top (  especially because of the high temperatures ). The national park area is open all year around.

Ascending from Spilios agapitos hut to Skolio summit

Q:What about the mountain huts? 

A:The park has  9 huts located at several altitudes offering services to the visitors. Not all of them operate non stop. The winter the access  is  difficult so if it’s not for big groups they stay closed. More informations here: https://olympusfd.gr/en/

Q: How much costs to spent a night in a hut?

A: The price for an overnight is about 13 euros/person. The food and breakfast is extra cost around 15-20 euros/person 

home of Zeus!

Q: How is the weather- Snowy periods

A: The area above 1800 meters is covered by snow until early June so we suggest not to try an ascent without a guide!Although the low areas are quite easy accessible all seasons if you are familiar to map and gps use. 

Q: Is there any fee for entering inside the park?

A : No there is not

Forests of Olympus
Inside deep forests!

Q: In case of an accident what should I do?

A: Call 199 for fire department- 166 for emergency action or 112 european emergency number . Furthermore try to give your position in the authorities.

Q: Is it possible to get lost in the mountain?

A: Yes it is always possible to get lost in nature.  Even if Olympus is our most popular mountain range the signs are not clear everywhere and sometimes the weather up there , even in the summer , can cause big troubles.

Q: What about wild animals? Should I care about them?

A: The park hosts a numerous species of wild life. The lack of sheeps or goats make the mountain safe from predators such as wolves or bears! Nevertheless be carefull of wildboars.

On the slopes of the Mountain!

Q: What else Olympus offering except than climbing?

A: River trekking, Canyoning, or mountain bike everything is possible at Olympus!

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