Snow hike in M.Parnassos

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It is true that Greece is famous destination for the spectacular beaches. Although , what most doesnt know, is that the country is characterised mountainous as the main body of the land consisted of ranges , high summits and valleys.

Parnassos is , according to mythology , the place of Mouses and Delfoi oracle. Nowdays in the area operates the biggest ski resort of Greece Furthermore is a great place , close to Athens, where you could have some serious trekking adventures.

Gerontovraxos summit
Gerontovrachos summit on the left.

We had a 2 days trip up in the mountain the previous winter where we have the chance to complete an ascent at Gerontovrachos summit- 2356m ending up to ski resort. It is a demanding hike for snow lovers!

The ascent requires  technical equipment.
During the ascent!

Route Description: 1st day

In order to accomplish the hike is neccesary to have an overnight at Defner mountain hut, which is located at 1820m altitude.

The team walk in the snow!
In the beginning…

Starting point from Kelaria parking spot where we leave our cars. We follow the national trail O22 and after 2 hours of easy hike the hut appears. A nice cozy place to spend our night, eat something and relax.

2nd day:

During this day and after breakfast our primary goal is to reach the summit of Gerontovrachos, 500 meters higher. It is a stip ascent while the snow is frozen but once you be there the view is amazing!

After that we have to continue North again making a circle around the massif and aside the valley beneath Tsarkos summit we finally go back to starting point.

A Climber  setting his backpack
Tsarkos summit 2404

Overall is a demanding hike in a trully alpine environment but if you are in good shape and know how to use crampons you will enjoy every second of it. Our team is available to help you organize such a tour and meet the other side of Greece.

Climber fix his rope.
On the ridge- Before the descent

  • 1st Day: Athens- Kelaria ski resort- Defner m. hut – Hike duration : 2.30 hours – Easy
  • 2nd day: Defner hut- Gerontovrachos summit – Kelaria ski resortHike duration: 6hours – Moderate
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