South Crete Hiking!

Hiking south Crete

The south coast of Crete hosts some of the most impressive hikes around the island. We walked a 16km hike in a day and we are ready to show you some highlights of our trip.

Agios Ioannis starting point
Few meters away from Agios Ioannis Village.

The Village of Agios Ioannis at Sfakia region in Crete was our base. Located at 800m app/ly, facing the south side of Zaranokefala summit in Lefka Ori mountain range. Few people still live there, during the winter, two of them hosted us to their beautiful traditional shelters providing food- wine and HEAT!

Lefka Ori in Crete
Summit Zaranokefala– up to 2100m.

Part 1 : Down to Aradena Gorge

Walking on a dirty old road, for 30 minutes, the path brought us into a funnel full of thunderstriked trees. The path ,harsh at some points, after an hour brought us to a spur viewing the famous gorge Aradena. After 20 minutes of descend We where in the middle of the gorge nice and safe!

Aradena gorge
Aradena Gorge

The Gorge is nothing like the other famous one Samaria. This one is dry and a bit of hostile. Although the hike in it is quite demanding us in several parts scrambling in the only way to overpass some rocks or trees. The lack of water or the shade of trees balanced once we arrived at a small bay named Marmara. Time for swimming and relaxation!

Marmara Bay
Marmara bay

Part 2: The semi- coastal walk

12th of January, the sun is up and the day is small.Once we ate something and the sea air fill up our lungs with oxygen We started gain altitude.100 meters above the sea the trail runs the low hills above libyan sea. The view is amazing and the path is well marked. 1/ 30 hour later, almost noon, We did a short stop under some trees before the big ascend!

Walking on the coastline
Nice view right?

Part 3: Selouda to Agios Ioannis

The last part of our hike is aslo the most demanding. We have already walked for 5 hours up and down seeing beautiful landscapes. The temperature between 10 and 15 degrees Celcium made this walk a bit easier. Although we are getting tired because of the rocky terrain. Now We have to climb 700 meters higher back to the village.The pine trees are everywhere offering shade and the libyan sea from above just WOW!

Selouda path - The old cretan way
The view from Selouda – ascending back to village

8 hours later and few minutes before the sunset we are back to base closing a unique hike alongside south coast of Crete .Time for lunch and departure to Rethimno!See more at :

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