Hiking equipment

Nowadays more and more people choose to spend a weekend in the nature!

Although We must have suitable equipment in order to enjoy this type of adventure.

Below We had write down the most basic things every hiker must have.

Safety and good behavior is some of the characteristics which everybody must follow for a memorable adventure out there!

Backpack: A good backpack is key to a comfortable hiking trip. Pick one that’s lightweight and big enough to hold all your hiking essentials, but not so big that you’re tempted to over pack. Usually 25lt is enough for  a day hike

Water :  On a typical hike trip, around 5 hours , it is necessary to have with you at least 1.5 ltr of water! 

Hiking poles

Trekking Poles: A good set of hiking poles can help save your knees from strain on the descent, and prevent slips and falls on tough terrain.

Hiking Boots: Opt for hiking boots over shoes when you’re facing a longer, tougher hike, or for those times when you’ll be carrying a heavier pack—like on an overnight trip. Hiking boots offer more ankle support, as well as additional protection from bites, scrapes, and water.

Socks: Good socks are the key to comfortable hiking. They keep your feet dry, prevent blisters, and provide cushioning and warmth

Hiking Pants : for serious backcountry hikes you’ll need a   hiking pant to protects you from wild vegetation or scratches even from snakes!

Sunglasses: Enjoying the view at the summit or an easy hike inside a beautiful forest means protecting your eyes with sunglasses!

Jacket: Even if it looks like it’s going to be a warm day, packing a jacket is always a good idea on hikes, especially ones with a summit above the tree line (where it can be significantly colder/windier than it is  at the base). The weather can change quickly: Prepare by bringing along a lightweight jacket 

Hat: You’ll want a hat to keep the sun off of your face, but a regular ball caps can get very sweaty after a while. Get a hat that’s made for activities and wicks away moisture

Snacks: Ritual Energy Bites which contain real coffee, and no artificial sweeteners, for a healthy burst of energy. Peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, and trail mix are also good options for packable sustenance.

Personal pharmacy: Every fellow hiker must have with him a  personal pharmacy.

A pair of disposable latex-free gloves

Scissors (Pack in checked bag)

Bandage strips

 Elastic wrap for sprains and strains

 Cotton swabs


 Ice spray

 A Clean bottle of water

 Alcohol wipes

 Sunscreen (Higher SPF – better)


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