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Why Pezoporistas

 Single or multi-day tours is our specialty. Local guides and professional partners are ready to help you organize a unique nature-friendly tour! Our goal is to share with you the amazing natural beauty of Greece escaping at some of the wildest and less common places around, always with passion and safety. “See U out There “

Excursions from Athens!

The whole idea starts around 2015. Athens became the base for our weekly tours in Central Greece. The destinations, endlessly and the will of young people follow us to new adventures was huge. The Mountains of Pindus such as Parnassos, Tzoumerka, Agrafa, and Olympus became fast our next hiking goal. Travelling with safety – Mountain huts around Greece hosted our passion to escape. In cooperation with professionals, rafting and canyoning brought us in the heart of nature opened a new window for us to live new adventures!

Εxcursions in Crete island!

Since 2018 our team has acquired a second base on the island of Crete, in particular in Rethymno. Your trip to Crete should not be limited to the beaches of the island. We recommend hiking trails around many wild gorges, Beautiful paths throw the forests  and definitely a high altidude experience! Close to 2.500 meters  mountain  Idi and  the Lefka Ori standing proud and call us to explore them. Throw these tours  you will be able to feel the connection between the local history and wild nature.Finally dont miss to taste pure local flavors of Crete!
“Travel- Hiking – Explore”

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